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good tattoo shop in Pattaya.

There is a lot of tattoo studios in Pattaya. How to choose the best?

First step.You need to see it in real. Location. Purity. Sterility. Equipment for sterilization, and many different things, as working place of master, comfortable lounge zone and so on.

Next step.
What about work and experience of tattoo artist? How many years of practice in tattoo industry he/she have? Whether he knows how to draw? Understands you? Do you like the portfolio of master?

This is the first things you need to think a

bout and choose carefully. The quality of your tattoo depends on this.

I want to tell you about Studio “Tattoo Moda”. Which is located in the city centre of Pattaya
This Studio has been working for more than five years. In our professional team we have Thai tattoo artist, and European tattoo artist. Each of them has extensive experience in tattooing. We constantly participate in tattoo conventions in Thailand.

Tattoo equipment.
We use disposable tattoo equipment. Everything else sterilized in an autoclave (special machine). We know one simple rule: “If we protect ourselves, we protect the customers.” We order Tattoo inks, Tattoo needles, Tattoo machines, and another special equipment, only from Europe, we never buy used equipment for our studio. We follow the trends in tattoo industry and fashion, and always keep in touch with world tattoo society.

We are always ready to help you with the idea of a tattoo, to make it more interesting, to develop it.
Price of tattoos in our Studio. “Tattoo Moda Shop” are flexible
We start from 1500 baht. The final cost depends on size, detail, and complexity.
Remember, we’re always ready to solve the issue on the price of our work.
There is a lot of tattoo studios all other Pattaya, and we’re not asking you to visit only our place. Smart people prefer to choose between different options, and that is right step to get a good service. If you choose our studio, be sure we will answer on all your questions, and help you to feel the really good service.

Summing up the important points of choosing a Tattoo studio in Pattaya:

1.Cleanliness and sterility
No matter what the size of the salon, cleanliness should be everywhere. Look around, be sure. The use of disposable needles, and other tools of a disposable equipment. Don’t forget about sterilization tools =)

2.Tattoo Artist
Tattoo artist needs to draw. Carefully review his work, Did he draw it himself?

Understanding. Open mind. Positive.

The choice is yours. Good luck.

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